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Grimdark Live! isn’t just here for entertainment! We are a full-time miniatures assembly/painting service.
We have three levels that we currently paint too; the first level is known as our Tabletop Level, the second level is called Tournament Level, and the third is our Trophy Level.
These offered levels help you decide what direction Grimdark Paints is to deliver, and offers as a guide for painting figures, to keep quality within a range of quality (not too low nor too high).  These levels also aid us in deciding what the time frame for each project will entail.
Some models are more complex than others by virtue of how they are sculpted.  This is primarily why there is a range of price inside each level.
Models that are larger will pay more because of the amount of area that needs to be painted.  However, they must still meet the same definitions according to their level.
When Grimdark Paints critiques a group of ten or more models of the Tabletop Level, the models are considered as a group with only a few pulled out as representative of the group.  Tournament Level and higher models are all given 360 degree consideration of every model
If you want us to do your project we need a deposit of 25% of the quoted price. When we finish your project you get pictures. When you approve final payment is due.  When final payment clears we send your models.

Do you have a project you would like us to start on? 
Would you like more information on the painting services provided by Grimdark Paints?

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