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How Much Does it Cost?

Project cost is dependent on many factors.

Please contact Grimdark Paints for an exact quote. Simply send a list of what you'd like done, and we'll supply a quoted price!

Click the HERE for the information we normally need to give a precise quote. 

Scheduling a Project

Projects usually take 3-6 weeks to complete. It is unusual for a project to take more than 12 weeks (less than 1% chance). If you order your own models it cuts down on the turnaround time a lot.

To schedule a project, we need the following things:

  1. The Models (or a list of models to be acquired).

  2. A Deposit of 50% money down.

    1. Pay by major Credit Card 

    2. Pay via Paypal to

Terms of Service

When you start a project you agree to the terms in our Terms of Service – Service Guide.

Minimum Run Size

There is a minimum order three units. This could be any combination. For example: three heroes, or one hero and two squads of infantry. If you do want less than three units the minimum project size is $85.  The $85. minimum project size is the paint service fee, all other ancillary costs such as postage, custom work and further type services are not included in the minimun service fee of $ 85. 

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