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  • Name – First and Last Name


  • Country – What country/state are you from?


  • Phone – If we have some quick questions can we call you (US only)? (optional)


  • Readiness – Are you ready to set up your project right now? If not, when? Or are you just looking for a ballpark quote? Can you tell us your budget and let us do the most we can within that?


  • Models – What models do you want painted? Are you providing them? Would you like Grimdark Paints to get them for you? Can you have them sent from a retailer directly to the studio (we like that). 


  • Assembly – Are we assembling your models or are they coming ready to paint? Do you want magnetization options (non-infantry only)? Do you want conversion work?


  • Painting – It costs more for a higher quality. Do you want us to “just get it done” in a budget? Or are you willing to pay more for a higher level of painting?


  • Reference – How did you hear about Grimdark Paints?

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