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You want to get some Games in with the Grimdark Live! Gang?  Come out to one of our scheduled “War Meet” and roll some dice!  Click on the “War Meet” image here to check out our “War Meet” Calendar for upcoming game dates & locations at participating stores!

Want to Participate in a Battle Report through Grimdark Live! ?  We’d love to have you on the show and get some games in against one of the Grimdark guys.  If you’re interested, please click on the “Battle Reports” image here for more information on being part of a Grimdark Live! Battle Report, and how to sign up!

You want to fight against a particular player or does your gaming group want to take on another gaming group in a fight where winner takes all?  Grimdark Live! can be the matchmaker for that event, and it will be live streamed and fully hosted by Grimdark Live!  If you’re ready to rumble, click on the “Grudge Match” icon here for more information on picking a fight against your next foe, for the world to see! 

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