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You want to fight against a particular player or does your gaming group want to take on another gaming group in a fight where the winner takes all?  Grimdark Live! can be the matchmaker for that event, and it will be live streamed and fully hosted by Grimdark Live! 

How to Book

In order to schedule a Grudge Match, please email with as many of the following details as possible:

  • Please indicate if you want to come to a Grimdark Live location or have Grimdark Live come to you!

  • Who the opponent will be.  Either from the Grimdark Live! team or some other Foe you want to fight.

  • What game(s) you are able to play.  Currently only Age of Sigmar and 40K Grudge Matches are being hosted.  

  • When you are available to have the fight (the more specific the better)


    1. Armies must be fully painted & Based to standard tournament levels.​

   2. No Proxying.

   3. You must have an Official & Printed Army List.​


   4. You and your opponent must be wiling to be on camera.

Grudge Match Specifics

  • Please feel free to contact the Grimdark Staff of any questions or comments you may have regarding setting up your Age of Sigmar (or Fantasy) Grudge Match if the contents listed herein do not answer your questions. 

  • Each army will be comprised of up to 2000 points using the most recent copy of the General’s Handbook booklets or points value listed in Battletomes / Codex following that most recent release.  If a model does not have a points value per the most recent addition of wither game, then it may not be used.

  • Compendium entries can be used following the point values and entries in the Compendium Update related booklets released with the most recent handbook or rulebook for that game system.  

  • Each player must bring seven (3) copies of their army lists to the event (one to turn in at registration, one for their opponent, and one for themselves). These army lists must be made with approvesd software via Azyr, Warscroll Builder, or BattleScribe. Handwritten army lists will not be accepted.

  • If units and models have choices of what they can be armed with, this must be clearly indicated on your army list and modeled appropriately.

  • All models must be round/oval bases as appropriate. See the Base Size Reference chart as supplied by Games Workshop for dimensions. Any deviance from the chart requires organizer approval.

  • Allegiance Abilities, Command Traits & Artefacts, as well as Battletome specific spells/prayers, must be chosen when you turn in your list for the Grudge Match. This also includes which Realm you dedicate your army. These will not change throughout the course of the Grudge Match.

  • The Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Rules errata and all relevant Games Workshop Errata and FAQs will be used, unless an event FAQ specifically overrides.

  • Any models that you would summon must be fully painted to match your army and displayed on your army display for paint judging. This includes terrain pieces as appropriate.  

  • All players are expected to abide by the code of fair play and sportsmanship. 

  • Any models deemed offensive or do not fall in line with manufacturer guidelines, or further type instances, can be removed at the organizer’s discretion. This includes summoned models & terrain features.

  • If illegal units or rules violations are found in a player's list, the Grudge Match Judge will exercise discretion in how the situation will be handled. Grudge Match points may be deducted and award eligibility may be forfeited.

  • Please reach out through the contact option listed above to ask any questions you or your club may have regarding rules issues or legal units in advance!

  • Dice Etiquette: All dice must be rolled onto the table or into a dice try (not into your hand, or in a plastic organizer). Make sure your opponent has the opportunity to see them before you begin removing or re-rolling.

  • Battle plans will be rolled for, by the Grudge Match Judge, not the combatants.  This will occur on-screen for the competitors and audience to see.

  • Realmscape Rules: Battles will be fought using the Realmscape Rules as detailed in the Core Book. The realm that the battle will be fought in, as well as the Realmscape Feature, will also be determined by the Grudge Match Judge in the same maner as described for the Battle Plan.  BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING.

  • Endless Spells: It is required that all Endless Spells use stock Games Workshop models. The models are too weird and unusual to be replicated effectively. Any modification to the models will require approval from the tournament organizer.

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