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Do We Need Good versus Evil in this Game?: April 4, 2022

We all know that in the game of Warhammer (Warhammer Fantasy, 40K, and Age of Sigmar) that there are four Chaos Gods, supposedly evil deities. For this blog post, let’s look at it through the lens of Age of Sigmar.

To start with the “Evil” side of the game, the four Chaos Gods: wrathful Khorne, devious Tzeentch, pestilential Nurgle and cruel Slaanesh. All are jealous and prideful deities, each believing himself destined to be the supreme ruler of all existence.

Their opposite, or would be considered “good” would be the armies of ORDER. Is ORDER really “good”? Presuming this is the case, let’s look at the factions in ORDER to really identify if they are indeed truly good.

- Stormcast: Mostly out for fighting chaos, don’t really care about so much else then the fight. Still perhaps the faction most close to be good. But will still kill someone at the mere thought of a possibility of being tainted by Chaos.

- Deepkin: Soul sucking fish elves, doesn’t sound good to me.

- Daughter of Khaine: Blood, blood and more blood to get there God back is not good either

- Duardin of all three kinds: Only after gold in some form, don´t care about anything else.

- Serphon: Dreamers that is far away in the sky most of the time.

- Sylvaneth: Love nature, dislike everything else.

With all of that said, where does this leave DEATH or DESTRUCTION? Could Lumineth Realmlords is considered “the GOOD-est Army” in ORDER or this game?

Seems to me, there isn’t a large degree of difference between the different Grand Alliances in terms or “Good verses Evil”. Does this game need an easily identifiable “good army”? Do you think a completely good faction is necessary in this game?

And, I get the fact that GW has never really done 'Good' guys in its games. Sure some armies are usually better than others but they all have flaws. 40k certainly doesn't have any good guys, that much is for sure.

After some thought, maybe I wouldn't really want GW to make a totally good faction, because the inbuilt murkiness is part of what makes the setting cool and it may help broaden the story arch.

What say you?

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