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NADA-Con 2022! : March 25, 2022

Not all of us could be at the juggernaut that is Adepticon! But alas, this tournament will still happen: NADA-Con 2022!

This is a 1-Day Age of Sigmar Event (on Saturday March 26th, 2022) where each player will bring a 2,000-point army comprised from the most recent Generals Handbook, Core Rulebook, and AoS Ruleset. This event will be a 1v1, 3-game (1-Day) Tournament to support our local community.

Scoring will be via Best Coast Parings. Link:

I’ll be playing my Beasts of Chaos! “The BEASTIE BOYZ”!!! Really happy to get these Goats out on the table and roll some dice! (My list at the bottom of this post).

To all of you Glue-Sniffing-Dice-Chucking-Gamer-Goons out at NADA Con, Adepticon, or every CON in between, all the best this weekend, and May the Dice Gods Bless You, and Your Sweaty Palms!

- Army Faction: Beasts of Chaos

- Grand Strategy: Predator’s Domain

- Triumph: Inspired


Doombull (115)*

- General

- Command Traits: Master of Magic

- Artefacts of Power: Arcane Tome

- Spells: Flaming Weapon

Dragon Ogor Shaggoth (155)**

- Artefacts of Power: Tanglehorn Familiars

- Spells: Hailstorm

Grashrak Fellhoof (150)**

- Spells: Viletide

Slaves to Darkness Daemon Prince (210)**

- Mark of Chaos: Khorne


3 x Bullgors (130)*

- pair of Bullgor Axes

10 x Ungors (70)*

3 x Bullgors (130)*

- pair of Bullgor Axes


20 x Ungor Raiders (180)

5 x Centigors (90)

5 x Centigors (90)

3 x Dragon Ogors (125)

- Draconic War-glaive

10 x Bestigors (135)*

10 x Bestigors (135)*

5 x Grashrak's Despoilers (150)**

1 x Mindstealer Sphiranx (95)**


1 x Wildfire Taurus (110)

1 x Umbral Spellportal (70)


1 x Herdstone (0)


- *Battle Regiment

- **Warlord

TOTAL POINTS: 1990/2000

Created with Warhammer Age of Sigmar: The App

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