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Psychology of Army Selection. May 5th, 2022

We have all heard the theory that dogs look like their owners right? Well I read a very interesting article recently that explored this and studies show that when selecting what breed of dog a person gets they will subliminally select one that they feel is a reflection of their own personality and or appearance. This article got me thinking about why we play certain armies, I know some competitive people will select exclusively based on the rules but for the most part I think people will select an army that they feel reflects their personality. I know for me this is probably accurate as I play Beasts of Chaos and Ogor Mawtribes (mainly), with a big emphasis on BIG nasty monstrous creatures.... quite possibly a reflection of my short temper and monstrous ego!!! (lololol). But in all reality, I remember once, at a very large GT (5 day) tournament, a guy showed up with a Slaanesh army. This was a heavily converted Slaanesh army. To say he went all in, on the “excess” of the army, is an understatement. His Keeper of Secrets was heavily converted to show as many pornographic “parts” as possible, and his Seekers of Slaanesh were literally riding dildohs rather than demonic mounts, and his Masque was literally on a stripper pole! I mean this guy obviously had a propensity for a certain personality trait based on his Slaanesh army! I’ve always found it interesting in what draws a player towards a particular army, and I get it - a lot of people have more than one army because they probably share traits with many... I just think it is interesting that the studies show people often make decisions based off of their opinion of themselves! Dow you do this? I think this works well with our game of Age of Sigmar (Warhammer) because of the role playing aspect of it, as you are essentially a commander of a force that you get control over everything from color to unit selection. I think this type of mentality makes sense, eh? Does anybody see the connection? Have a think about what army you play and what that could say about your personality.... I would love to hear other examples and people’s opinions on this matter. Note: This is just a theory, Orruk Warclans players I’m NOT saying you too have an IQ of 6! Ha!

Happy Friday!

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