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War Meet

WAR MEET Photo.png

We are a Chicago-area based group dedicated to all ranges of Age of Sigmar, Warhammer Fantasy, and many more besides. 
From Novices, Hard Core Tournament players, and those who just love the craft and painting this group is for you.
We meet regularly in and around the Chicagoland area for gaming sessions across the GW range. We'll have a few regular locations and try to mix it up around these. Painting sessions coincide with these battles and as we gain more experienced members ‘technique instructions' will also be presented.
As we grow Tournaments will be held, Specialist days too whereby we will be role playing some of the more epic battles from Warhammer Canon history, and to include more gaming categories.
In short; there’s something to keep every type of Warhammer happy.

We're dedicated to keeping it friendly, fun, and honorable. With that, we instill a strong sense of fair play and friendly competition in all our members. We will aim to match members fairly with people of similar skill and ability.

So, if you think you’re ready, sign up CONTACT US and come to our “WAR MEET”. 
See You out at a WAR MEET, Soon!

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